Major Types of Video Formats and Distribution Options

The importance of video streaming in business cannot be stressed more. If you want to use it for your business then you should understand the different types of video formats and the types of platforms. Here you will know about the major video formats and distribution options.

Branded video content

This type of content doesn’t promote a company directly. This type of video is more educational or informational. For example, creating videos for helping employees learn their job roles or how-to-contents for using products.

Live streaming video

You will create an interactive experience with the audiences using it. The audience can see the video in real-time and ask questions or give comments on the video. The presenters will directly answer your questions. This can be used for broadcasting sporting events or e-learning activities.

Video on demand (VOD)

This is an alternative to live video streaming sessions. If anyone has missed the live streaming video, they can use the VOD platform to watch it later. So, the viewers can view the video at their preferred time.

OTT video distribution

This type of broadcasting uses public internet links for transferring data. All you need to have is an online connection and a compatible streaming device for this. So, you can access the content using your computer, mobile, smart TV, or gaming console.

After you have decided on the type of format and distribution option for your video you should choose the right online video platform. You should choose something that provides multiple content sharing options, top-notch security features, and great performance.

You can use a unified platform that includes a video on demand, live streaming, and OTT broadcasting. The integrated video hosting lets you host your content from your website directly. Live streaming, VOD, and OTT options are also available.

If you decide to invest in high-quality video streaming then you should have total control over the content format and distribution.